Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Miles Goodman - Transformation (1985) (Teen Wolf Soundtrack)

Hey, ever wondered what FM synth bass sounds like? Just give this a listen. Man alive. What an iconic scene, and incredibly iconic song.

Jeffrey Osborne - Who Woould Have Guessed (1986)

Wow... This is a gem for sure. This is one of the oddest FM bass patches I have heard. it's like a mix of a couple of the common ones, but in a way I am not used to hearing. I can't recall hearing this exact sound anywhere else. It could be the layering of the piano with it that is giving it such a unique pluck and twang. Aside from that, this track happens to also be loaded to the gills with synths. For a ballad, it's pretty out loaded with lush sounds. It has the "minor" type of Aeolian chord progressions I always tend to enjoy as well. Always a plus. Gotta love those ultra high range female vocals too.

New Edition - Delicious (1984)

I have been uploading more tracks directly to Twitter lately simply because I don't have the time at the moment to create write ups for every track. So for the next few entries I might just put the link here with no write up. But, when I am not working on 5 projects at once, I may come back and flesh them out. That is, if Youtube doesn't jack the links by that time.

One quick note about this song though, holy moly does it sound like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Scritti Politti - Hypnotize (1985)

Wow, this is from 1985... This is not only pretty early FM, but early sampling as well. This is quite simply an ultra high tech track for 1985. I can't stress the year enough. The keyboardists name is David Gamson. I am not extremely curious what else this guy did through the 80s, because he really had his finger on the pulse of the brand new stuff.

As for the song, and the band. Scritti Politti is not a band I think I enjoy, but I respect. It's pretty much the cleanest corporate high tech 80s sound there is. Even the vocals sound corporate. The production just strikes me as, I don't know, something you might find in a christian music store or something. It's that clean sounding. Though, the lyrics appear to be anything but.

A weird band with a wild sound.

Also, here's the video for the track. Sound quality is a lot worse though, so I opted to share the CD version first.